What our Clients say


DeNova Group Pty Ltd

Our design practice is heavily involved in the design and development of aged care projects throughout Australia.  GMR Mechanical Services P/L (GMR) have completed the mechanical scope on several of these projects over recent years.  Their mechanical contracts on average would be in the order of $0.9M-$1.5M in value.  GMR have also been involved in projects completed by our office outside of aged care including luxury residential and apartment type work.

From our perspective we have always found that their standard of workmanship, level of care, interest in the project in terms of ensuring the client’s best interests are met, and general attitude to construction, has been of the highest standard.
I have always found Mark Simmonds, the director of GMR, a very personable and honest individual.  Mark understands that construction is a team effort and on that basis he is always open to new ideas but will also ensure, if instructed, that a documented outcome is achieved accurately and without delay.
I have no hesitation in recommending GMR as a professional organisation delivering excellent outcomes in terms of mechanical installations in commercial and residential developments.
Ben Tzirkas
Tumac Consulting Pty Ltd

As a Project Management & Consultancy Company, we have been involved with development work for in excess of 20 years with a particular focus on Aged Care Development. Within this specific area of expertise we have encountered GMR as a sub-contractor to various building companies on many occasions.

As a result, we have come to know the Principal, Mark Simmonds, very well and have worked closely with him to achieve the best possible outcome for our clientele.
They provide not only competitive pricing, but design solutions and expertise to enable functional yet practical mechanical works.
GMR are extremely professional and diligent with both their contractual obligations and install, but also their service responsibilities post practical completion.
Rex McLeod
VAS Constructions

I was the Site Manager on a 12 Luxury Apartment Development that GMR were engaged to complete the mechanical works.  It included Basement Extraction System, Split Ducted Heating and Cooling AC Systems, Bathroom and Kitchen Ventilation Systems.  Let me assure you that given the nature of the design (Restricted Height, Concrete Structure with Masonry Walls) it was a real challenge to fit in all of the services.  GMR in some respect came to the rescue, basically re-designing the systems and in the process making it workable and saving us money.

There were definitely frustrating and challenging times for GMR, but using their experience and nous they made it happen.  They were always on time, always responsive and always on top of what needed to be done.  At the end of the day, I would say that GMR were of the top performing trades on the project, and I would gladly use them again.
Claudio Morelli